The official logo for the UEFA EURO 2012 Poland - Ukraine was unveiled at a special event at Mykhailivska Square, Kiev, on 14 December 2009. Logo for the UEFA EURO 2012 Poland - Ukraine takes its visual identity from Wycinanki, the traditional art of paper cutting practised in Poland and rural areas of Ukraine. The art form symbolises the nature of the rural areas of Poland and Ukraine. As part of the event, landmark buildings in the eight host cities were illuminated with the tournament logo.

The UEFA EURO 2012 Poland - Ukraine slogan, "Creating History Together" (Polish: Razem tworzymy przyszłość, Ukrainian: Творимо історію разом / Tvorymo istoriyu razom), was announced along with the logo. The slogan reflects the fact that Poland and Ukraine represent the easternmost host nations in European Championship history.

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