Lviv New Stadium is a football-only stadium currently under construction in Lviv, Ukraine. For reference purposes it was given a working name of Lemberg which is subject to reconsideration.

Construction works began on November 20, 2008 and will have been completed by July 2011 according to the city's officials. The stadium is expected to host 3 group-stage games during the Euro 2012 tournament that was awarded to Poland and Ukraine in April 2007. According to the official project, the stadium will have an approximate all-seated capacity of 33,500.


The stadium's final name is yet to be announced. Lemberg stadium, the name of the Lviv in German, is only one of the considered names. The mayor of Lviv city Andriy Sadovy stated that there is still a whole year to find the name for the stadium. According to the local internet news-media the mayor accented that out of the ethical principals he will not disclose those propositions which are scheduled to be announced during an auction where the name of stadium will be sold. He also noted that name will be discussed along with the local Oblast administration and the National agency in preparation to the Euro-2012.

The stadium's capacity is anticipated to be 33,400 spectators including 450 VIP sittings as well. All seats will be covered, while part of the roof assembly will be transparent to provide sufficient sunlight for the turf. The stadium's parking will be located underneath the arena which will consist of three levels. The parking for VIP will include 1593 spaces. Parking for tele- and radio-media agencies will include (6,000 square metres (65,000 sq ft)). There also will be parking for physically struggling and special elevators will provide passage to seats that are also designed and reserved to accustom the necessary personnel.

The western portion of the stadium 215.7 metres (708 ft) long will include:

  • concert-halls,
  • VIP clubs and restaurants (1,260 square metres (13,600 sq ft))
  • media-center (640 square metres (6,900 sq ft))
  • various training centers (280 square metres (3,000 sq ft))
  • administration offices (780 square metres (8,400 sq ft))
  • offices with a restaurant (1,050 square metres (11,300 sq ft))
  • others
Name not yet announced
Location Ukraine Lviv, Ukraine
Broke ground November 20, 2008
Built 2008 - 2011
Owner National Agency in preparation and conducting the final stage of Euro 2012
Operator TBA
Surface Grass
Construction cost €85 million / 875 million
Architect Albert Wimmer ZT Gmbh (Vienna) (Arnika (Lviv))
General Contractor Altkom
Capacity none (football)
33,500 (projected)
Field dimensions 10

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