Individual Match Tickets are tickets for specific matches. These tickets are available for all 31 matches in the various price categories.

Individual Match Tickets will be available in three price categories for UEFA EURO 2012. The following principles apply for the definition of categories in the stadiums:

  • Category 1: main and opposite stand

  • Category 2: corners and behind the goals on the upper tier

  • Category 3: behind the goals on the lower tier

The application of such principles will depend on the geography of each particular stadium.

At every match there will be a number of spaces available for people who require wheelchair access and seats for those who are visually or hearing impaired. People using wheelchairs will have a space reserved for them and a seat for an accompanying person. Visually impaired persons can enjoy the match through headsets and live commentary provided by an audio descriptive commentator. Seats will also be reserved for those accompanying visually and hearing impaired persons. Tickets for persons accompanying disabled ticket holders are complimentary. All tickets for disabled supporters are sold at category 3 prices regardless of their location in the stadium.

Category 1 Category 2 Category 3

Opening Match 250 € 140 € 45 €

Group Matches 120 € 70 € 30 €

Quarter Final 150 € 80 € 40 €

Semi Final 270 € 150 € 45 €

Final 600 € 330 € 50 €

Follow My Team (FMT)

Follow My Team is a specific product that allows fans to attend only the matches of their favourite team. FMT tickets will be offered exclusively in price category 2. You can only apply for Follow My Team tickets for the national team of your country of residence or the country of which you are a citizen.

Two different types of Follow My Team tickets are available:

  • Follow My Team Group (3 matches) (all group matches of your selected team).
  • Follow My Team Tournament (3 to 6 matches, depending on the success of your selected team).

Follow My Team Tournament tickets allow you to see all the matches of your selected team up to and including the final. The FMT Tournament package ends on your selected team’s elimination from the competition. You will subsequently be reimbursed for unused tickets as you are only required to pay for the matches your team plays.

Group Tournament

All Teams* 210 € 770 €

Opening Match Premium** 70 € 70 €
* A Service Fee of 10% will be added to the total ticket value.
** If the selected team is involved in the opening match, an opening match premium will be added to the Follow My Team price.

Venue Series (VS)

Venue Series tickets allow you to see all matches taking place in one stadium. Venue Series will be offered exclusively in price category 2. This ticket is the perfect opportunity for host city residents to see all matches at their home venue.

  • Venue Series Group: 3 matches (all group matches at the selected venue)
  • Venue Series Knockout*: 2 matches (all knockout stage matches at the selected venue)

* These tickets are only available for Warsaw, Kyiv and Donetsk, the venues that will hold two knockout matches. If you want to see knockout matches at other venues, please apply for Individual Match Tickets

Group Knock Out

Gdansk 210 € -

Poznan 210 € -

Warsaw 280 € 230 €

Wroclaw 210 € -

Donetsk 210 € 230 €

Kharkiv 210 € -

Kyiv 210 € 410 €

Lviv 210 € -


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